Excess Marshmallow Android 6.0

Excess Marshmallow Android 6.0

Excess Android Marshmallow – Google finally officially give the name of the successor to Android Lollipop as “Marshmallow”. Just like previous years, the name of the operating system Android V6.0 back using the name of a food. This is the tradition that is maintained try Google as a characteristic of the operating system makes. Unfortunately, the Android team did not mention the reasons why they chose the name “Marshmallow” as the successor to Android OS Lollipop.
As a latest operating system, certainly Google and the Android team have added a new feature to enhance a variety of Android Lollipop. Yups, indeed quite a lot of features that Android Marshmallow ready to taste greatness by Android smartphone users around the world. Well for deteknokers buddy who wants to know, what are the latest features and advantages of Android Marshmallow, pal please refer to the information below.

7 Excess Marshmallow Android 6.0

1. Mode 'Doze'

Marshmallow first Android excess is to have modes “Doze” is a new technology that is able to minimize the battery power consumption when smarpthone Android is on standby or sleep mode. How it works is not much different from battery-saving features which are owned smartphone Sony, Huawei, and Samsung, which is a way to disable the majority of applications backgroud. Proved very effective Doze mode to save battery life on Android operating system Marshmallow, and to activate buddy simply do settings in the settings menu.
2. Support USB Type C
USB Type C may still be unfamiliar to deteknokers pal. Yups this new type of connector, it is applied to the little new Android smartphone devices, such as Lenovo Zuk OnePlus 2 and Z1. Interestingly, USB Type-C has been fully supported on Android operating system Marshmallow, thereby enabling battery charging 5 times faster than ordinary wear microUSB connector type. In addition, excess Android Marshmallow is able to fill other smartphones at the same time, or can be said to have a function as a POWERBANK.
3. Android Pay
This excess Marshmallow most favored Android Google to compete against Apple, that Android features Pay. Digital payment technology which utilizes connections Near field communication (NFC) that has been fully run smoothly on Android V6.0 operating system, and is ready to berasing against Apple Pay the advance in komersilkan Apple. The good news, Android Pay ready to be launched in several Southeast Asian countries, and there was a possibility will soon be present in Indonesia in the near future.
4. Fingerprint Sensor
Although many smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but Google has not standardize support for fingerprint sensors on oprerasi system Android. As a result every smartphone it are specifications and different abilities. But with the presence of Android Marsmallow expected all smartphone vendors who provide standardization fingerprint scanner that are ready to optimize security on Android features Pay and data stored on Android phone based on Android Marshmallow.
5. App Permissions
Excess Android next Marshmallow is an increase in the “App permision” that allows Android smartphone users to organize permits an application by pressing the “Allow” or “Deny”. This feature will facilitate pal deteknokers in arranging background applications running on the processor, so the Ram memory needs to be maintained.
6 Auto Backup Applications
Android Marshmallow also brings Auto Backup feature that allows the smartphone to store user data and settings of applications or games into Google Drive. That means, when my friend doing hard research or replace a new smartphone, the applications and games that previously would have my friend back can be used complete with the settings on a smartphone before, the first to sign-in to your Google account.
7. Google Now on Tap

For users of Android smartphone certainly no stranger to the Google Now application. Applications that are ready to provide a variety of information through voice commands, now can mate enabled by pressing the home button for a moment, then automatically my friend can directly perform voice commands to search for information. Marshmallow Android excess is almost similar to what Apple has to offer on the application personal assistant “Siri” besutannya. Now that Android Marshmallow diverse advantages that our reports of AndroidPIT. How, interested to try?


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